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The Rocky Mountain Pet Shop is a locally owned, funky little shop that has been serving the pet needs of Aspen's Locals and Visitors since 1970.  

These days it remains one of the few glimpses into Aspen's past. The Rocky Mountain Pet Shop has been and remains a no frills place of business where fair, honest pricing and friendly service, which is the cornerstone of the community spirit, are the keys to its success

RMPS offers a huge variety of high quality foods, toys, products and training aids with a range of prices to accommodate any budget.

107 S. Monarch Street  | Aspen, CO 81611


Celebrating 50 years!!!

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Self-Serve Dog Wash

dog wash bath grooming groomer

Includes shampoo, conditioner, brushes, blower, towels, & apron

Your dog, from the smallest chihuahua to the largest mastif, processes food just like a wolf.  And your cat is even more dependent on a meat based diet.  The breeding of dogs and cats has certainly changed the look and personality of our companions but we can’t change the way they process food.  


Raw frozen dog and cat food contains up to 95% raw uncooked meat that includes the muscle, organs, bone and also fruits and veggies.  It is not the same as buying raw meat at the grocery store.  The organs contain digestive enzymes, ground bone has vital minerals and the fruits and veggies simulate the stomach contents of prey animals.


Raw frozen foods can be fed alone or mixed with dry kibble.  You should see optimum energy levels, great skin and coat, weight and allergy management and less waste to clean up.  And when you see for yourself how much your pet loves his new food you will know you are doing the right thing.

DCM in Dogs: Taurine’s Role in the Canine Diet

"-The recent spate of cases and media attention to taurine-deficiency DCM in dogs suggests that this is a very new problem in dogs. However, it is not new. A connection between diet and DCM in dogs was first described in a paper published in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association in 2001. What is new is the sudden focus on certain pet food ingredients and the target that appears to have been placed upon the backs of all “grain-free” pet food brands by some bloggers and veterinarians.

- The FDA also stated that the underlying cause of DCM in the reported cases is not known and that at this time, the diet-DCM relationship is only correlative (not causative).

- More importantly, there is no clear evidence showing that a particular dog food type, brand, or even ingredient is solely responsible for taurine-deficiency DCM in dogs.

-Complicated? You bet. This is why it is important to avoid making unsupported claims about certain foods and brands. Taurine-deficiency DCM has been around for a while in dogs and continues to need study before making definitive conclusions about one or more specific dietary causes.

As these things go, there followed a lot of hype and a fair bit of hysteria in response. Let us avoid this type of reaction and instead look at the evidence: "

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